Best Options to Treat and Prevent Shingles

Diagnosis & Prevention

Best Options to Treat and Prevent Shingles

Diagnosis & Prevention

Shingles are one such viral infection that could cause a severe rash. This viral infection is caused by that virus which is the sole reason for causing chickenpox as well. When you had chickenpox in your childhood, the virus varicella zoster will stay dormant inside your body. However, this virus could get reactivated later in your life that will inevitably cause shingles. Although you will feel pain in the first few days of developing shingles, later on, the fluid-blisters and rashes will also become evident. There are various medicines available in the market that could really help you to treat shingles. Therefore, have a look at the medicine that you could use in order to treat shingles.

Antiviral medication
Antiviral medications are one of the more effective shingles medications that you can use in order to treat shingles. You need to take them within the first 72 hours from when you start getting the symptoms. These medicines will also decrease your chances of facing complications later on due to shingles. Antiviral medications will generally slow down the growth of the virus and by doing so will reduce the symptoms of shingles. There are various shingles medications available in the market out of which some your doctor may prescribe for you depending on the severity. A detailed discussion about the side effects of such medications is needed though.

Pain Killers
When you have shingles, one thing you can be assured and that is, you will have pain. Therefore, you may need the help of the painkillers which will help you reduce the pain. Taking painkillers is not a good option, but when you face the excruciating pain from the shingles, you would have to opt for one. Even your doctor may prescribe one for you. Although these shingles medications are not that a great option to opt for, yet they are worth a try.

Before taking these medications, consult with your doctor about the side-effects. Also, these painkillers will help you to eliminate postherpetic neuralgia or the burning pain that one generally face after the blisters or rashes go away from the body.

Other Medications for shingles
If you have severe shingles, then your doctor may have to prescribe various shingles medications. Some of them will include:

  • Creams
    Your doctor will prescribe you some creams that you have to apply to the place of your skin where you are having rashes. Make sure that you apply it carefully because these creams could have devastating effects if they come in contact with the eyes of a person.
  • Numbing Medicines
    Due to the severity of pain, your doctor may prescribe some numbing medicines that will help you to get rid of the pain. These medicines will include lotions, powders, creams, sprays, patches, and many other numbing medicines.
  • Antibiotics
    If the rashes you are getting in your skin are due to bacteria then antibiotic can treat your condition. However, if bacteria are not the reason for your rashes, then you may need to look for other medicines because in that case, antibiotics will not be of any help.
  • Antidepressants
    There are certain antidepressants that can help you to recover from shingles. These shingles medications generally heal you from the pain you have in your skin. The main focus of these medicines is to cure you of the depression. However, if you have shingles, then these medications can really help to reduce its symptoms.

Home Treatments for shingles
Other than using shingles medication for treating shingles, there are certain home remedies that could actually cure it or even prevent shingles from developing in the place. Let’s have a look at those simple home remedies for shingles treatment:

  • Healing Bath
    Healing baths along with colloidal oatmeal can help you to get rid of shingles. Make sure that you are not using hot water because that could make the condition worse.
  • Cold Compress
    Soak a clean cloth by using cold water and apply that cloth on the affected places. This will help you to reduce the pain.
  • Corn starch and Baking Soda Paste
    Make a paste using corn starch and baking soda and apply it to the place where you have rashes and rinse it off after 10 to 15 minutes. This will really help you to soothe the pain if you apply this mixture 3 to 4 times a day.
  • Healthy Diet
    In order to eliminate shingles, make sure that you are eating foods that are rich in Vitamin A, C, E, and B-12.

Therefore, if you have shingles, then you don’t have to worry because by following these treatment and prevention methods, you will be able to get cured of shingles. However, it would be wise to seek medical consultation before proceeding with any line of treatment.

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