Foods that are good for digestion

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Foods that are good for digestion

Diets & Meal Plans

Probiotic foods are those that have bacteria that is good for digestion. This includes bacteria like lactobacillus, bifidobacterium that help smooth digestion of food. Sometimes, the good bacteria in the gut can get destroyed due to various reasons. This leads to digestive problems.

Consuming food that has probiotics is thus good for digestion. It can improve mental health, reduce depression, improve skin health, and can also be good for the heart. On the other hand, prebiotics are foods that help the probiotic bacteria grow. They have resistant starch and other nutrients that help gut-friendly bacteria flourish. Consuming prebiotics naturally helps good bacteria. Foods like raw bananas, artichokes, and cooked cold potatoes are good prebiotics.

Let’s take a look at some of the foods that can improve digestion:


One of the best sources for probiotics is yogurt. Since it is formed by fermentation of milk, it contains lactic acid bacteria. It helps prevent diarrhea and is also useful for those who have digestive troubles. Those who want a healthier option can choose low-fat yogurt without sugar.


Sauerkraut is a good probiotic. However, only unpasteurized sauerkraut should be consumed as it is safer.

Miso soup

This popular Japanese soup is made from soy paste that has been fermented. It is rich in probiotics and vitamins and low in calories and fat.


Kefir is a milk drink that is made from goat’s milk and is fermented. The fermentation ensures the presence of probiotics. Apart from the positive effect on the stomach, it is also good for bone health and improves general immunity.


Tempeh is a fermented product that contains probiotics and is made from soybeans. Apart from the probiotic benefit, it also has vitamin B12 that is essential for the body.

Sourdough bread

This is a type of bread that is fermented and is thus rich in probiotics. They are good for digestion.

Fermented pickles

Pickles that are fermented would have probiotics and hence are good for digestion. Sour pickles which are made with sea salt ensure the growth of gut-friendly bacteria. Pickles made from vinegar should be avoided as they do not contain probiotics.


This is a specialty Korean dish that is made by fermenting vegetables with lactic acid bacteria. Apart from probiotics, it also has vitamins and antioxidants.


Studies have shown that chocolate, when eaten with probiotics, help protect the good bacteria, ensuring it is absorbed in the intestine. The good bacteria, in return, helps to extract antioxidants from chocolate before digesting it. Remember, the chocolate must be eaten along with probiotics.

Probiotic foods have many benefits and can be very helpful in aiding the process of digestion. They also help in boosting mental health and improve general immunity. They must be part of a balanced diet.