Tips to Relieve Allergy Symptoms in Kids

Diagnosis & Prevention

Tips to Relieve Allergy Symptoms in Kids

Diagnosis & Prevention

Dealing with your kids’ allergy could be very challenging. There are some measures that could help you fight against your child’s allergy symptoms. However, before starting any treatment for your kids’ allergy, you should consult your doctor and get a confirmation if the symptoms are actually an outcome of allergy. Thereafter, you may try the following kids’ allergy relief tips.

Make your kid stay inside the house
One of the best ways to treat kids’ allergy is by making them stay inside the house. You need to make sure that your child is away from the pollens that cause allergy. There are certain times in a day when the pollen count increases such as when the wind is blowing, mid-morning, or in the early evening. It will be hard for you to keep your kids indoor all the time. However, make sure that you keep them inside in these times as the chances of getting affected by allergies increases when they are exposed to or in direct contact with the pollens.

Use salt water for relief
When your children have an allergy, you will see that their nose is plugged most of the time. One of the better ways to open that plugged nose is by using salt water. Older children may use a nasal irrigation solution available at medical stores that contains salt water solution. For younger children, you can make a solution by using 8 ounces of boiled water and a teaspoon of salt. Remember that you have to use non-iodized salt while making the solution. The salt water solution is an incredible process of kids’ allergy relief.

Make sure that your kid stays hydrated
One of the symptoms of seasonal allergy is continuous sneezing. When your kid is sneezing too much, he or she will become dehydrated. That is why you need to make sure that your kid stays adequately hydrated throughout the day in order to fight against the allergens. So, make them carry a water bottle, encouraging to sip from it, time and again.

Warm shower or bath
The steam of the warm shower provides relief and helps reduce allergy symptoms. Therefore, you could encourage your child to enjoy a little bit more time in the bathtub. However, you need to make sure that the water in the bathtub is not too hot because that could elevate the symptoms.

Eliminate dry air from your house
When your house is filled with dry air then your kids might have problems while breathing. Having a little bit of moisture can certainly help your kids to breathe in a lot easier way. So, you should use a humidifier to get rid of that dry air. While using a humidifier, make sure that the humidity is not over 40% because that will encourage the growth of in-house allergens such as dust mites and molds.

Cold compress for itchy eyes
When your kids have an allergy, they will have itchy eyes time and again. This happens because of the dryness in their eyes. Therefore, in order to get rid of that itchiness in the eyes, you should look to using a cold compress. To provide kids with allergy relief, this is one of the most wonderful ways.

Don’t let your kids rub their eyes
When your kid has itchy eyes, more often than not, they use their hands to rub the eyes. If they rub their eyes with their hands, it will worsen their condition. Therefore, as a parent, one thing you should do for kids’ allergy relief is making sure that they do not rub their eyes with their hands.

Cook spicy food
When you cook foods using a lot of spices, such as pepper, fenugreek seeds, garlic, ginger, and onions, it will help your kids to get rid of the allergens and clear their nasal passage. That is why cooking spicy food is one of the most effective kids’ allergy relief technique.

Rub jelly on the nose
When your child sneezes quite often, you will see his or her nose turning red pretty quickly. Also, the nose will itch quite a lot. To get rid of that, you can rub petroleum jelly on the nose of your kid. It will help in getting rid of that redness.

Warm compress on the face
When you apply warm compress on the face, it will also help your child to feel relieved from the sinus pain and pressure due to allergy.

The methods presented above are the most effective ones that you can use to get rid of the allergic symptoms of your child. Before you use any of these tips, it is recommended that you consult with your child’s physician or pediatrician.