Using Probiotics to Treat Yeast Infections

Remedies & Treatments

Using Probiotics to Treat Yeast Infections

Remedies & Treatments

Let’s take a brief look at yeast contagions and other fungi contagions, along with their prevention measures

Fungi are everywhere. There are almost a million different species of fungi all over the world. It’s almost a miracle that only a handful of them actually cause humans any form of contagion. Microscopic fungi are often the cause of fungal contagions, and they tend to live in the environment, potentially anywhere. They have only a certain set of requirements to survive. So, it’s almost impossible for us to truly avoid them.

Here’s everything you need to know about fungi contagions and most importantly, yeast contagions, probiotics for yeast infections, and other things you can do to prevent these diseases.

Syndromes: How it can look or feel

Mild fungal contagions can resemble cuts or rashes. If we were to take up the example of ringworm, a skin contagion that is caused by a fungus, you might already be aware of how it looks. Fungal contagion inside the body parts like the lungs can be more serious. It can cause syndromes that may be identical to tuberculosis or flu. These include mild to high fever and coughing.

The most common type of fungi contagion is yeast contagion. This generally affects the genitals, and this syndrome is more common in women than it is in men. The syndromes of this contagion include itching, burning, or irritation in the genitals. In women, the itching is felt near the vagina or beside the vulva. Pain or soreness in the genitals is also common, and this pain can also involve burning sensations. In the case of men, the syndrome is generally limited to itching and serious rashes. In women, it can also lead to a white odorless or watery discharge. Swollen skin or redness is also common in both the sexes.

What is to be done if these syndromes are found on the body?

The first thing to do, irrespective of whether the contagion is internal or external, is to drink lots of water. Hydrating oneself and wearing fresh cotton clothes will help prevent it from worsening. If one is already affected by the contagion, they should apply antifungal creams that are available at any common drugstore. They can also choose boric acid or capsules that eliminate the problem. Using tea tree oil also helps with these syndromes.

In a majority of studies, it has been shown that women report relief from adding diluted tea tree oil to a tampon and keeping it within the vaginal area. Coconut oil or applying/eating natural yogurt also helps. Garlic has been known for its antifungal and antibiotic properties, along with oregano oil. For men, it is better to take up antibiotics; if this doesn’t help solve the problem, the best solution is to tap the doors of the nearest dermatologist for the best treatment method.

The best form of treatment is its prevention. Avoiding future yeast contagion cannot be done with just supplements and meds. You need to take in probiotics for yeast infection in order to ensure that the contagion never returns. Sometimes, probiotics for yeast infection are able to offer natural solutions by targeting yeast contagion and contagions caused by bacteria in the genital areas, as per a study in 2012. Other studies show that probiotic lactobacilli have been observed to increase the effectiveness of the antifungal medications being taken by women with vaginal yeast contagions.

Overall, are probiotics the way to go?

Yes, they truly are. What are probiotics? Probiotics are literal bacteria, the things you are trying to avoid! However, since these bacteria are the good guys for your digestive systems, it makes sense to include them in the diet to help fight these syndromes.

If the number of bad bacteria shows an increase in your body, it becomes a problem and causes complications. To avoid this is better than to look for ways to treat it once you are affected by it, and this is what probiotics for yeast infections do. They introduce thousands to even millions of good bacteria in order to fight the contagions caused by bacteria and yeast/fungi alike. They can also take care of your IBS problems or IBD. Oral health and skin conditions like eczema are also treated. Capsules and creams eliminate the problem of yeast contagions.

Some of the best examples of probiotics for yeast infection that you can avail in the country are as follows:

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  • Candida skin clean yeast contagion treatment
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  • Renew life ultimate flora probiotic supplement
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  • Delay naturals or azo complete feminine balance women’s probiotics
  • Lovebug and all in one Candida complex

These are just some of the probiotics you can avail from Amazon or even your local drugstore. Happy healthy life with probiotics!